"Magic of Christmas" Pannacotta cake with berries and vanilla

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pannacotta is a famous italian dessert, easy, smooth, seductive, silky, and perfect for any occasion.
the red berries version is a spectacle of color; it is a perfect cake that decorates the christmas table. and it's not difficult!
although it is generally a refreshing dessert for summer, i recommend it to you at christmas dinner, just from these considerations, also underlining the perfect color combination of red and white, reminiscent of the snow and winter holidays.
all you need is to have 5 minutes free (to prepare it) and a few hours to wait. but considering that you will be caught by the magic of gifts, guests and carols, the time will be sufficient for the pannacotta to finalize in the refrigerator.

-400 ml liquid cream
-600 ml milk
-400 gr of frozen berries
-30 gr gelatin
-6 tablespoons of sugar or fructose
-vanilla or vanilla powder

defrost the berries in a bowl and cover them with 2 tablespoons of sugar.

place the gelatin in a cup, and hydrate it with 3 tablespoons of cold water.

warm the milk mixing with cream. don’t let it boil. when hot enough add the gelatin and stir.

dissolve well the gelatin in warm milk, but be careful not to boil the mixture. eventually, if it seems to be too warm, remove from the heat. add the vanilla too.

add half the berries.

allow to cool slightly.

wet thoroughly with cold water the pannacotta form and don't wipe it. it must remain moist, so that when ready, pannacotta will be easy to detach.

pour the mixture hot and let it cool. then, put in a refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

when you want to take it out of the form, put the form in a pan with warm water for 5 minutes.

then turn upside down on a large plate.

you can serve like this, simple, with no sauce.

but it's much more appealing and delicious with hot berry sauce (warm berries with sugar and maybe a few drops of lemon juice, for 2 minutes). pannacotta melts a little under the hot sauce and the contrast is great.

slice it in generous portions because it is very good, maybe too good :)

it’s refreshing, smooth and velvety.