Apricot chutney

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we will prepare today an adaptation of the famous indian sauce, using some of the tastiest and fragrant local fruits, apricots.
choose some well ripe apricots, very juicy and fragrant. the riper the fruits, the tastier the chutney.
mix them to get a puree.

heat a tablespoon of olive oil. add apricot puree and let it boil down on low heat, stirring often.

chop some pepper and add it (you can add as much pepper you like).

add a tablespoon of curry powder.

then add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar. stir.

chop fresh basil and coriander and add them into the sauce. pour a tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of lemon juice.

sprinkle black pepper to taste. another spoonful of curry would do.

finally, add an exotic detail: golden raisins. they will add the sauce a thick texture, for a great taste sensation.

finally, taste it, add a pinch of salt and another handful of chopped fresh herbs (for added flavor).

mix and withdraw from the heat.

it can be served with exotic dishes of meat or fish. in this case, with delicious diced salmon in hazelnut crust, roasted in the oven.

enjoy your meal!