Argentinean beefsteak

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the world's most famous beefsteak is the argentinean one. exotic, fragrant and appetizing, the argentinean beefsteak will surprise you with incredible taste, a perfect look and last but not least, with the portion generosity (portions are huge; it is even possible to order a 500g portion).

if you have ever had the opportunity to eat an authentic argentinean beefsteak, then you know i'm right. if not, then do not hesitate to try it as early as possible.
what makes it really delicious is the meat quality, but also the marinating process. argentineans marinate the meat for several hours before cooking it (in chimichurri sauce) and they constantly grease it with the marinade (while cooking). "asado" is a generic term for grilled meat. my version of argentinean beefsteak requires flavoring the meat with spices and serving it with fresh chimichurri.

season the beefsteaks with: dry parsley, oregano (green) and paprika, grinded coriander, grinded bay leaves, thyme, pepper (red part). leave them covered with foil, for a few hours in the refrigerator.

before frying, remove the meat from the fridge and let it warm to room temperature. do not fry the meat cold, as it will harden.

fry the meat on medium fire, without pressure. once lightly browned, roll it over.

after 3 minutes, roll it again and keep it for another 1-2 minutes. in total, you should not exceed 6-8 minutes for a medium cooking. sprinkle salt when it is ready.

remove the steaks and put them on a platter and serve hot with chimichurri sauce, grilled vegetable garnish and fried or baked potatoes.

it is incredibly tasty! so tender and flavorful, that i am convinced you can’t refuse! the perfect complement is a red wine, ideally of the same origin.

don't be afraid to try the argentinean cuisine, even if you are on a diet. beef is very dietetic, is digested very quickly, the cooking method (grill) is very healthy, and the sauce is perfectly balanced in terms of nutrition. red wine (consumed in moderation) helps digestion and increases good mood, so you will not feel regret, even if you "devour" a whole roast :).