Avocado mousse and fresh mango carpaccio "Paradise bird"

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this vegetarian recipe is made for you to be pampered, to offer you a delicious, soft and creamy dessert. it’s a recipe for fast days, for those times when you want something special, healthy, but do not have too much time to spend in the kitchen. the combination of sweet-scented fruit, mango and avocado mousse with citrus is so special that i am convinced that you will prepare this vegetarian appetizer for other occasions too. for the romanian holiday “florii” this dish can be served in the shape of a strelitia flower or “paradise bird”.

-a ripe mango
-a ripe avocado
-an orange-juice
-juice from a lemon (lemon is ok too if you don’t have lime)
-a pinch of salt

wash well the fruits.
cut avocado in two, remove the pit and then the middle with a spoon.

add the avocado’s core and the orange juice, lime and salt in a blender and mix.

you must obtain a fine and bright purée: this is the avocado mouse.

cut mango into very thin slices.

arrange the serving tray by creating a flower "paradise bird" and ... enjoy!