Baked chicken with tahini sauce, lemon and parsley (Lebanese chicken with tarator sauce)

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sesame sauce (tarator sauce) is a symbol of lebanese cuisine. it has a a wide use: as mezze (lebanese appetizer), as salad dressing, or with baked or grilled steaks. it’s a part of lebanese shaworma and it’s good with fish or vegetables.
roasted chicken with tarator sauce is similar to a specific lebanon recipe: fish tajine with tarator sauce.
citrus notes awake the basic aromas of sesame, providing an oriental, special flavor for the baked chicken.
immerse yourself in the wave of oriental flavor, let yourself be charmed by the seductive lebanese flavors! enter a world where the golden rule of culinary art is the perfect balance of flavors and decorative presentation.
-a lemon
-tahini sesame paste
-a pinch of salt
-1-2 cloves garlic

mix sesame paste (tahini) with lemon juice. you will notice that the sauce thickens very much, just like cream.

then add water gradually until it reaches a more fluid consistency. add ground garlic and a pinch of salt.

mix and it’s ready.

place chicken in a ceramic bowl. pour sauce over chicken drumsticks. sprinkle cumin over the chicken.

add 3 tablespoons of chopped parsley over the chicken. the rest use as decoration in the end.

bake at 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes until meat is well browned. be careful. the sauce thickens so you have to add a cup of water in the meantime.

serve hot, with salad and pita bread.

sprinkle a little parsley just before serving.