Baked code meatballs with asparagus

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code meatballs with asparagus are a delicacy, ideal for appetizers or as a light evening menu. the code is a dietary and very tasty fish, while the association with white asparagus and almonds give these meatballs a luxurious touch.
if you don't have almond flour or don't like the combination, you can replace it with regular flour mixed with mashed potatoes (but in this case the recipe is not dietary anymore).

wash the asparagus bundle in cold water.

clean each piece of asparagus of the fibrous outer shell.

boil the asparagus in salted boiling water for 3 minutes. the asparagus should not be over-cooked, just as much as to be able to stick a fork in it.

remove the asparagus with a palette and keep the broth.
meanwhile, prepare the other ingredients for the meatballs: a piece of code (600 gr.), 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of mustard, a big egg, pepper, rosemary, oregano, almonds powder.

cut the code into pieces and wash it with cold water.

put the code in the asparagus broth.

the code boils very quickly, like asparagus, within 3 minutes.

chop the french onion (if you don't have, put normal onion) and grind the garlic.

chop the asparagus and then remove the damp using a kitchen towel paper.

when the code has cooled, tear it into small pieces. mix it with the chopped asparagus, onion, garlic and spices.

add 2 teaspoons of mustard with different flavors. add the egg, stir well to blend.

add the almond flour until the mix is bound, so you can form the balls.

pass the balls through the almond flour and place them in the tray covered with baking paper.
if you do not use almond flour, make a thick puree out of 2 potatoes and mix it with the above composition. add the flour until the mix is bound and roll the meatballs through flour before baking. the taste is just as delicious. the almond ones are ideal for keeping diet and almond lovers, while those with potatoes have a more traditional taste, so they are easier to accept.

bake at 180 degrees until slightly browned.

an appetizing section, while served simple or with various sauces.

the next day, you can heat the remaining meatballs in a vegetable soup or tomato sauce and serve them this way.
enjoy your meal!