Baked pumpkin with rosemary - African recipe

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the african cuisine is like a safari: an amazing trip through the primary world of aromas. discovering the mysteries of the african cuisine is an amazing experience, both culinary as well as cultural, which fills you with energy and enchantment. rustic, bold, colorful, the african recipes set themselves apart through their wealth of healthy ingredients and the seduction of the strong spices.

above all, the african cuisine astonishes with a remarkable smoothness of the cooking style. the closeness to nature (traditionally, all recipes are cooked with natural fire, are dried and eaten raw) creates instinctively a "consciousness" of the raw material appreciation, such that, even if simple and unpretentious, the african cuisine has a very remarkable and unique way of cooking.

thousands of years of experience, the lack or limited access to modernism, allow us to discover the ancient traditions, still existing nowadays.

the butternut pumpkin baked in the oven is delicious, with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. this recipe emerges us in the african cuisine, which is the origin of this unique way of cooking the pumpkin. the african cuisine uses the pumpkin quite often, and their recipes are very simple, yet unique and unusual at the same time.

- one butternut pumpkin
- one fresh rosemary
- olive oil
- salt
- pepper

wash the pumpkin, cut it in two and take out the seeds with a spoon. cut each half in quarters.

insert a wooden stick in the pumpkin pulp in multiple places so that you make room to insert the rosemary.

anoint the core of the pumpkin with olive oil, spread salt and pepper.

insert the rosemary branches in the holes you've already made.

place the pumpkin slices on a pan covered with aluminum foil, or baking paper.

bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes until the pumpkin core starts to soften.

serve warm. the "african" pumpkin is very delicious, has a very nice aroma, the pulp is easy to take off the peel and, above all, has a superb perfume.

you can serve it as appetizer, garnish or main vegetarian course (it's so good that it's worth savoring on its own)

bon apetit!