Baked royal dorade (Dorade perfume citronelle)

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marine fish is very important in a healthy diet for the whole family, so i propose a quick and easy recipe with sea bream, perfect for a dinner or weekend lunch.
royal dorade is a very tasty fish, with ferm flesh, suitable for a variety of combinations. today i will present an exotic diet recipe, tastefull and nicely fragrant.
in order to cook a very appetizing food ,you will need a small arsenal of spices and herbs, preferably fresh, for a more intense flavor.
the royal dorade will have an asian floral- fruity note, brought by a magic ingredient( thai origin): citronelle. this gives a discreet lemony and flowery scent to the dish .a lime will highlight the fresh flavor. we will combine several spices with some aromatic thai accents to creat a unique recipe of sea bream, as i do not think you've ever tasted.
the recipe has a seductive fragrance, dorades will have an interesting taste and an elegant aroma, and therefore this dish can be recommend even for a romantic dinner (for those that enjoy the fish meals).

-3 royal dorades (serves 3)
-one lime
-thai citronelle
-fresh rosemary
-a lemon
-thai hot chili peppers (or other hot peppers)
-multicolor pepper
-sea salt
- fresh aromatics: mint, basil, parsley

wash the fish thoroughly inside and outside then drain. it is ideal to have very fresh fish .
fill the belly of each fish with half citronelle, rosemary and sliced garlic. sprinkle sea salt on each dorade, freshly ground pepper and lime zest.

pour a cup of water in the pan. add the remaining citronelle and the celery cut in cubs.

sprinkle each fish with fresh lemon and lime juice. marinate the fish 30 minutes at room temperature, then put the tray in the oven.

bake covered with foil for 20 minutes at 180 celsius degrees, then remove foil and let another 10-15 minutes in oven.

remove sea bream from the tray, place each one on a serving platter and drizzle with some sauce from the pan. just before serving, drizzle a little more lime juice. sprinkle each fish with chopped fresh herbs and red chilli pieces .

serve warm with fresh lime slices, garnish with roasted veggies and / or salads.

smells divine, citronelle in combination with lime, rosemary and pepper creates the wonderful fragrance of this fish dish.

good appetite!