Basmati rice with mango

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the steamed basmati rice is delicious, but if we choose a brown variant, with more fibers and we combine it with a couple of mango slices we will have a very special exotic dish. the fruity aroma, next to an oriental spices mix will give a special flavor to this rice dish.

wash thoroughly the rice and let it boil in boiled water (ratio rice:water should be 1:2). add salt, couple of pieces of fresh mango and let the whole thing boil.

add a spoon of a mix of curry or "ras el hanout" or just turmeric powder. stir well so that all ingredients mix.

when the water has significantly evaporated, turn off the fire and put the lid on the pot. the rice will complete it's boiling under the steam.

in 10 minutes it's ready to be served.

serve with any exotic dish (in this case with bobo de camarao, an afro-brazilian dish based on shrimps, coco and manioc)