Beans with vegetables and dill

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this is a recipe for fasting days, simple but tasty, with beans and vegetables and herbs (dill and fresh thyme).
wash the beans and put them in the evening in a large bowl with cold water. by morning, it expands. then boil in several waters. remove the foam and simmer for 15-20 minutes, then drain and strain. transfer the beans in a pot with boiling water and continue cooking. this operation is repeated 3 times. in the last water (which should cover the beans just a little) put a pinch of baking soda. boil until almost done (taste and make sure the beans are well boiled). then add the stewed vegetables in a little olive oil (chopped onion, chopped carrot and celery). continue cooking. add some salt, pepper, thyme. toward the end, add a lot of chopped pepper, slightly simmered and tomato juice. simmer for another 5 minutes. then add the chopped dill and stop the fire.
serve warm with new cabbage salad (with dill) and house bread (whole).
ps: if you want to have a meal of two or more types of beans, cook them separately, in many waters, and gather them at the end, in the last water, because each bean boils differently and mix them when they are almost boiled.
enjoy your meal!