Braised cabbage

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braised cabbage is one of the most famous traditional romanian recipes. it can be a vegetarian recipe or you can add pork (or sausage). it is made with fresh or pickled cabbage, depending on the season.

we will cook the vegetarian version with fresh cabbage. it's an easy dish for summer, very dietary.

wash the cabbages and remove the outer leaves.

chop the cabbage, rub it with salt and then put it to simmer in a little sunflower oil.

put a half cup of water and let it boil over medium heat with lid.

when the cabbage begins to soften, remove the lid to evaporate the sauce.

add pepper to taste. put a few tablespoons of thick tomato sauce. you can add thyme (optional).

mix well. allow the sauce to boil down.

chop some dill and add it into the food after you have turned off the fire.

serve warm.

it is traditionally served with polenta and pepper.

bon appetit!