Calf muscles with black truffles

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nicknamed "kitchen's diamonds", truffles are a precious ingredient, rare, expensive and ... unmatched. their unmistakable aroma wakes the senses up, so any truffles recipe is more than a dish; it is an unforgettable, sensual and sensory experience.
the recipe is ideal for a romantic new year's eve, anniversary dinner or valentine's day. it is a premium recipe even from the "haute cuisine” range.
experiment without fear this "diamond cuisine". it's easy to shine ... when you wear diamonds! :)

natural aphrodisiacs, truffles combined with calf muscle (rich in zinc) creates a magical effect on those who enjoy them, so leave yourselves to spell this romantic, candlelight. it's a fascinating recipe that awakens passion for cooking ... and beyond :)
calf muscle is considered to be an ingredient "premium". the meat is perfectly pink, soft, tender, perfectly suitable for a special recipe, with a medium baking, to keep as unaltered its delicate taste. in combination with black truffles and a red wine and mushroom sauce, veal tenderloin reaches culinary paradise, accompanied by the finest flavors.

you can not feel special when cooking with truffles, calf muscles and red wine...
you can not feel divine when tasting this elegant recipe....
you can not feel loved and spoiled when offered "diamonds”...
so, be careful to whom you offer this recipe, because they might be irreparably fascinated.

-400 gr of calf muscles (for 2 persons)
-2-3 black truffles
-salt (ideal is pink, from the himalayas, but the classic one also works)
-1 cube of butter
-a little olive oil
-for mushroom sauce: 500 gr of champignon mushrooms (brown, but the white are also good), a glass of red wine, salt, pepper, a little butter

remove meat from the refrigerator about an hour before cooking, to reach room temperature and to not suffer heat shock at the preparation. wash and drain or wipe the calf muscle. cut it into 2 thick pieces.

and now we come closely and fascinated by "the diamond":

make small incisions in the calf muscle and enter into them black truffle slices. you will consume a truffle with this "stuffing". cut another truffle into cubes, which we will use for the mushroom sauce. the last truffle is sliced and used for decoration.

slightly pepper the veal and let it absorb the flavors for about 20 minutes at room temperature. meanwhile, wash and clean the mushrooms. you must have everything ready for that after we begin, we will move quickly, each phase is connected with the other and there are no breaks. the recipe is prepared quickly, because the ingredients are so valuable, that they require only minimal preparation and ... a little magic from the chef :)
so to start:
preheat the oven to 80 degrees.
put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a hot pan. when it sizzles, add the pieces of veal, with the side stuffed with truffles up. grind some salt over the pieces of meat.

add butter and sprinkle the meat with an oil and melted butter mixture. meat shouldn't be stung or pressed, we let it fry well to high heat, so that the brown the crust will keep all the juices inside (hence results the amazing tenderness). you can put a lid.

roll the meat after 3 minutes, using tongs, without stinging. add some cubes of truffles, to flavor the melted butter.

notice how the side that has been in contact with the pan is well browned and the edges are white. sprinkle a little salt. still leave it for another 2 minutes, sprinkling it with sauce from the pan constantly.

roll the meat again and leave it for a few seconds and then remove it in a baking dish. give the pan aside.

cover the dish with aluminum foil and put it in the oven until the sauce is ready.

if the mushrooms are small, put them whole in sauce, if not, slice them. add the mushrooms in the pan where the sauce was left from the meat.

mix well to high heat. sprinkle salt and pepper. add a little more butter.

allow the mushrooms to boil in their own juice until reduced by half.

add red wine (100 ml). add the cubes of truffles.

let it boil a little, until the alcohol evaporates.

turn off the heat and let the pan aside.

calf muscle is removed from oven, the sauce left is added on the mushrooms.
slice the veal muscle. notice how pink, tender and inviting it is...

serve on heated plates (you can put in the oven), to keep the preparation hot. the perfect garnish is mashed potatoes with black truffles.

add the champignon mushrooms and the wine sauce.

garnish with sliced fresh whole truffle, sprinkled with sauce.
veal muscle stuffed with truffles can be served whole, decorated with slices of truffles.

serve with a "petite" salad of colored leaves, seasoned with light lemon vinaigrette (look for an assortment of purple or purple-green gradient salad leaves). the challenging chromatic of the salad perfectly complements the menu.

finally.... a little red wine with fruity bouquet, elegantly served at appropriate temperature (16-18 degrees, to feel perfectly the bouquet of wine, if wine is young, you can have even a little cold).

have a perfect dinner!
bon appetit!