Chef salad

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i recommend you a spring salad, complete, full of vitamins and color, with strong mediterranean influences. the freshness of vegetables is as good as the taste of prosciutto cotto and the aroma of feta. it is a healthy salad, perfect for a casual lunch.
enjoy the richness of this mediterranean salad’s flavors and see life in a positive way!

-spring onions
-a strain of green celery
-a ripe avocado
-few mungo beans (optional, or use any other bean)
-green olives with peppers
-a lemon
-sliced prosciutto cotto
- few cubes of feta cheese
-dried oregano

wash, cut and mix vegetables. wash beans and add directly to salad.

remove the avocado pulp, sprinkle it with lemon juice and add it to salad.
add olive oil and vinegar (or lemon). stir.

sprinkle oregano over the feta cubes.

arrange salad on plates, decorate it with ham, feta cheese and sliced tomatoes.