Chicken liver with oregano, savory and garlic

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this is the simplest and fastest recipes to cook a delicious dietetic dinner. the chicken liver, well done, are tender and delicious. this recipes has a very low caloric content because of the lack of carbohydrates and the very low fat level (4.5%). and they are ready by the time you set up the dinner table.

instead of buying already cooked food (because you think you don't have enough time), you'd better cook it on your own, in less than 10 minutes.. a healthy dinner, fresh with good quality ingredients.

"we are what we eat!" - indeed! therefore, if you want to look and feel good, be friendly with you diet. just as you wish the best coat or the best car, learn to also want the best food. because you deserve it. life is's worth living it right!

- one pack of fresh chicken liver
- 2-3 cloves of garlic
- salt, pepper
- dried oregano
- dried savory
- white wine (optional)
- dried hot pepper (optional)

wash thoroughly the chicken liver in cold water. heat up a bit of olive oil in a pan and put the chicken liver to fry. add pepper powder, hot pepper, minced garlic, a bit oregano and the savory.

set the fire to high intensity for one minute, while continuously stirring the chicken liver so that they're done on all sides. the reduce the fire almost to minimum, spread powder salt and put the lid on. if you want wine sauce, add 100ml of dry white wine.

the chicken liver, like any meat without fat, can dry out very fast. the secret to any perfect recipe is not to over-fry and to always keep the lid on the frying pan. int his way, the meat sauces will not evaporate and they will re-hydrate the meat, keeping its tenderness.

in the end, the chicken liver should not look parched. this look will appear on its own in about 5 minutes after exposure to the room air. the chicken liver are tempered until they don't eliminate blood (about 7 minutes). that's all. and don't forget, it's a fragile organ, so don't raise the frying temperature (always medium to low).

take the chicken liver on a plate. you'll see how they'll be more and more parched in maximum 5 minutes.

because the recipes is dietetic, it's recommended to serve it only with a side green salad, with a light yogurt dressing with aromatic herbs and a bit of olive oil.

here you can see how it's parched (without fire) after 5 minutes.
they are served hot. of course, you can add a classical side-dish of mashed potatoes or rice, but then the combination will no longer be dietetic.