Chicken with red wine and strawberries sauce

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a romantic, summer recipe, characterized by the fresh strawberry scent and the red wine seduction, ideal for grabbing a smile or winning a heart :)

in only couple of minutes you can bring to life this special and refined recipe. we recommend it to anybody who wants to discover simple, yet sensual culinary combinations.

- one chicken or turkey breast
- a little balsamic vinegar
- one glass of red wine
- 250 grams of strawberries
- salt, pepper, sweet and spicy peppers powder
- honey

cut the chicken breast in small cubes and spice it based on your tastes.

slightly harden the chicken cubes. add 2-3 spoons of balsamic vinegar.

add the wine and let it all boil. add a spoon of honey in the sauce.

after the sauce is reduced (approximately 5-7 minutes), turn off the fire.

cut the strawberries in half and add them after washing them. mix well.

the strawberries must not boil, but only to infuse a little so that they give flavor to the sauce.

serve immediately. it has an inviting perfume.

bon apetit!