Chimichurri sauce (Argentinean sauce for steaks)

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hot summer days are ideal for barbeque parties, where everyone tries to grill some juicy and flavored steaks.
if you are looking for the perfect grill, then it's time to get acquainted with the argentinean cuisine. masters in the preparation of the grills, argentineans are famous for a very tasty, spicy, colorful and above all very healthy sauce: chimichurri!
when you say "chimichurri", it is clear that you say a real fiesta for your taste buds. it can be used as a marinade, sauce or dressing.
experience an intense flavor and color, experience the pleasure of a simple meal yet tasty, experience ... life!

-1 well ripped tomato (the garden tomatoes are ideal, being very fleshy)
-half of a small red onion
-1 slice of red pepper, 1 slice of green pepper
-1 red chili pepper
-1-2 cloves of garlic
-lemon juice
-1 tbsp of vinegar
-5-6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
-green parsley
-salt, pepper (to taste)

peel the tomato, remove seeds and core and chop the flesh into cubes.

finely chop the chili pepper (if you are afraid it's too spicy, put less and add to the rest in the end, if you want).

finely chop the red onion, the green pepper, the parsley and add them over the tomatoes. pour oil, lemon juice from a small lemon, one tablespoon of vinegar. grind the garlic and add it.

put salt and pepper and stir.

serve it immediately.

it is ideal with beefsteak, grilled or baked vegetables.