Chorizo liver (Portuguese style liver)

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if you like livers, then i propose an original recipe. how about we combine them with chicken hearts and spicy chorizo slices? and to be a really iberian enchantment, i propose to add porto wine, because we will make a delicious portuguese sauce for the livers. if you don't have porto wine, then a dry red wine goes well also, the specificity of this recipe lies in the combination of spicy (chorizo), flavors (bay, thyme, rosemary), wine and tomato paste. this portuguese sauce has a distinct note if you put a quality porto wine, along with a robust red wine.

iberian cuisine is a fiesta of flavors and colors. the rule lies only in good taste, fantasy and pleasure, so do not stress yourself out when cooking spanish or portuguese food. if you are in their spirit, you will surely succeed! so take quality ingredients and expect a recipe that will spoil (and wake up) all your senses!

first wash thoroughly the hearts and livers. then heat a little olive oil. gently fry the hearts.

then add the livers, stir and leave them on medium heat (with lid), until they are almost done (should still be in blood, only slightly fried).

add the chorizo slices, mix well. then add half a glass of red wine, a quarter of a glass of porto wine, spices (bay leaves, thyme sprigs, rosemary and dry oregano) and let it boil on high heat until the alcohol evaporates.

add a tablespoon of tomato paste, stir and let everything simmer until sauce thickens slightly. finally, i'll tell you a secret: put a teaspoon of honey in the sauce. it will make it more delicate and will connect better the flavors.

serve hot with rice or baked potatoes or puree.