Colored butterflys made of chicken breast

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spring came and it's time to enjoy nature's revival! nothing is more energizing than a spring landscape, when everything comes to life, transforming and blooming under the warm, gentle and magic sun! the warmth of spring, the singing happy birds, the vitality of nature and the colorful game of flowers will bright your walking in nature.
and, as all nature fully manifests its power of seduction (the smell of fresh grass, flowers, birds twitter, the gentle caress of warm spring wind), it is time to let yourself conquered by this romantic atmosphere ...
my “trinket” (present) for you is this recipe inspired from nature. i hope chicken butterflies will cheer your menu and will bring a smile on your face and good mood in your home!
we’ll begin to discover together a new culinary concept, a creative interpretation of the style "cuisine florale" so get ready for a "flower rain "this month. to begin i send you a first sign of spring: "colored butterflys made of chicken breast”.
-peeled chicken breast
-olive oil
-turmeric/ curry/ ginger or other yellow spice

section each half of chicken breast in two, so that you get some thin pieces.

make the butterflies (fix the meat with toothpicks at one end and open in the shape of a fan at the other end).
please grease butterflies with oil, sprinkle plenty of colorful spices and a little salt.
if you want, you can decorate the wings with a little black pepper to create more special butterflys.

the only limit is your imagination! you can create any color combination you want.

preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
grease a pan with oil and place the butterflies. let them ripen up to 7 minutes. do not cook meat too much because it will dry.

chicken butterflies are flavored like a spring breeze, colored like a beautiful dream, juicy and delicious to offer you an…..artistic culinary experience!

leave butterflys "fly" over a lawn of green lettuce or young raw spinach.

experience the magic of spring! let yourself charmed by the new and beautiful, "fly" to fulfill your dreams!