Colorful pasta with flavored butter, olives and parmesan

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colored pasta are some of the few products that use natural dyes (so they are very healthy). if you look on the label, you will see they are made of wheat with different vegetables, leaves or natural colored spices (tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, turmeric). you can make them at home or you can buy them ready made (it is best to choose some italian-made pasta, they are more expensive, but they are worth it) and you'll get a real show of color and flavor.
the pasta i have prepared are called "cappeli da chef ai 5 sapori" (chef toques with 5 flavors) and were really worthy of the name of italian pasta.
because they are handmade pasta, the cooking time was very low, about 5 minutes (had i done them at home, cooking time was even shorter - 2-3 minutes), they kept their shape perfectly, as well as the color and the subtle natural flavors mixed quickly with the flavored butter sauce, dried chilies, garlic, freshly picked herbs, olives and parmesan cheese.
i chose a "alio, olio and pepperoncino" type of cooking with only a few flavors in addition; it seemed the most appropriate type to distinguish the taste of each chef's hats.

boil the pasta al dente, drain them and pass them through cold water to stop thermal preparation. leave them to drain.
flavor the butter in a pan: put 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 of olive oil and let them intertwine. throw pepper flakes and dried (or fresh) slices of garlic, stir over medium heat. when you feel the smell of garlic, add the pasta and shake them well. add the olives.

after about 1-2 minutes for the flavor to penetrate the pasta, as we shake or mix, add the herbs and a few tablespoons of parmesan cheese.

stop the fire, mix and it's done!
serve with extra parmesan grated on top and black pepper.

simple, but veeeery good!
enjoy your meal!