Cordon bleu recipe

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cordon bleu is a classic recipe of french cuisine, whose value has made it pass the test of time. the name "cordon bleu" suggests the distinction this recipe has. the knights of holy spirit were awarded the "cordon bleu" order, being the most illustrious decoration during henry's monarchy.

the term began to be used in the gastronomic language thanks to some very gourmet, culinary enthusiasts "cordon bleu" senior-knights, who formed a sort of club of wine and gastronomy. their amazing recipes quickly created a legend around this club. that's how the french expression "you cook like a cordon bleu" appeared.

for the french aristocrats, the notion of "cordon bleu" defined the exceptional, the supreme distinction which could be assigned.

now that title was taken over by gastronomic vocabulary, there is also an international school of cooking with this name. but the first meeting of the name with cooking dates back to 1895, when journalist marthe distel published the first cooking magazine: "le cuisinier cordon bleu".

the "cordon bleu" cooks school knew only after the end of world war ii a great expansion. madame brassart kicked off what is now "cordon bleu", which is a top international school for chefs, with over 27 schools worldwide.

as about the recipe, it is originally a battered escalope beef stuffed with hard cheese (ementaler, gruyere-original, cheese) and a slice of ham.

but let history aside, let's put an apron and cook some cordon bleu. we will make the recipe with chicken and cheese.

-chicken breast fillet
-ham (i put turkey ham)
-2 eggs and 2-3 tablespoons of milk

beat well the chicken fillets and sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

place a slice of ham over chicken, a parallelepipedic piece of cheese and roll. if you want, put another slice of ham over cheese (optional). seize each chicken roll with toothpicks.

then beat the eggs with milk.

add 2 tablespoons of flour, to be a little thicker.

cover the rolls with flour.

then the cover them with the beaten egg mixture.

and finally, cover them with gratin. put them to fry in oil mixed with melted butter.

fry over medium heat to low, to bake better. you can put a lid while frying.

roll on all sides until well browned.

serve with potatoes and asparagus garnish.

and now a delicious section:

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