Creme caramel

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the creme caramel is one of the best known and most appreciated deserts. there are many creme caramel recipes, but the one below is absolutely divine. try it and you will definitely be convinced.

the vanilla milk creme is very unctuous, is perfectly cut and the caramel syrup will add an extra seductive touch.

- 10 eggs
- one liter of milk
- one cup of white sugar for the cream and one cup of brown sugar for the caramel
- vanilla essence
- one tablespoon of vanilla powder (optional)
- rum essence
- one bag of vanilla sugar (optional)

for the caramel, you can use brown sugar since it's going to give a more intense final color.

put the sugar in a tall pan and place it over the fire so that it melts.

when it's melted, take the caramel off the fire. do not leave the melted sugar over the fire for too long since it will get a bitter taste and you will spoil the whole creme caramel.

while the caramel is liquid, spread it evenly on the pan's walls and then let it cool.

meanwhile, break the eggs in a bowl.

scramble the eggs and then gradually add the cup of sugar and the vanilla sugar.

add the milk and continuously mix. add the essences based on your tastes.

pour the mix in the pan with the caramel after the caramel has hardened (you start hearing it crack). put the bowl with the cream in a tray half-filled with hot water. the creme caramel is boiled in "bain marie".

heat the oven to 160 degrees and bake the creme caramel for about one hour and a half (depending on how tall the pan is) until it's well ruddy and curdled.

then, let it cool completely. put the bowl in the fridge for couple of hours and serve it when it's well cooled. turn over the creme caramel bowl on a tall platter (so that the syrup doesn't spill).

serve each slice with caramel syrup.

here's a section showcasing the smoothness of the creme.