Flatfish fillet with mashed Romanesco

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flatfish fillets are extremely delicious and appetizing, and the combination with basmati rice and steamed romanesco puree gives a touch of refinement, which perfectly completes the flatfish "premium" qualities.
romanesco is a species of italian cauliflower (discovered near rome, hence the name), very interesting in terms of appearance and taste. romanesco immediately attracts the eye by the appearance of an "alien", being of a pistachio green color. what is particularly interesting (and i am sure the math enthusiasts have already noticed) is that romanesco is a natural representation of the fractal. in other words, is composed of bouquets increasingly smaller that are identical to the final form. it is a model that replicates identical at increasingly smaller dimensions.

the taste of this curious vegetable is between broccoli and cauliflower, but smoother and with a smoother smell. it shouldn't be cooked for a long time, because is very easy to prepare. obviously, a correct steam cooking preserves its nutritional qualities as much as possible (vit. c, carotenoids), so i opted for two very healthy serving options: natural, steamed or creamy mashed with a little light sour cream.

-4 flatfish fillets
-1 piece of romanesco
-2 tablespoons of sour cream
-dried oregano
-optional: garlic sauce with chilli and parsley

sprinkle the fillets with salt, pepper and oregano. powder them with flour and fry them over medium heat a few minutes per side, until slightly browned. roasting is done in very little olive oil.

wash the romanesco and loosen in bouquets and boil to steam.

mix a part of the bouquets with sour cream until you get a creamy puree.

flatfish fillets are served with fragrant basmati rice garnish (jasmin), decorated with a layer of mashed romanesco and some natural bouquets.

sprinkle the plate with sauce "al fresco": olive oil with lemon juice crushed garlic, chili flakes and chopped parsley.

if you do not want or do not have time for a fancy presentation (like the previous one), then you can serve the flatfish fillets sprinkled with sauce and chopped fresh herbs.

enjoy your meal!