Forcemeat rolls in vine leaves

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traditional forcemeat rolls in vine leaves are very delicious. meticulous preparation, but the result worth the effort. simple or with yogurt or sour cream forcemeat rolls in vine leaves are very tasty.
-750 gr minced meat (mix of beef and pork)
-an egg
-2 tablespoons rice
-a packet of vine leaves
-a bundle of green onions
-a bundle of dill, parsley (and other herbs if you wish)
-few sprigs of thyme
-salt, pepper, paprika
-tomato juice
-olive or sunflower oil

scalding grape leaves and let them simmer for about 5 minutes. then drain them and let them cool.

prepare minced meat mixture.

mince green onion.

add onion over the other herbs in the blender.

chopped fine herbs.

mix minced meat with herbs, pepper, paprika, salt and mix well.

add washed rice and egg and stir well.

when meat is well mixed, bring vine leaves and start making the meat rolls.

add a teaspoon of meat in the middle of a leaf.

roll the leaf without squeezing it too hard.

press ends into roll and ... ready. if it breaks, you can wrap and another leaf.

put a little oil in a pot. then place a layer of leaves at the base. over this, place the forcemeat rolls in concentric circles.
between layers of vine leaves rolls you can place vine leaves or not. in the end, pour a cup of tomato juice and a cup of water so that the forcemeat rolls are a little covered with sauce.

if you want, add a few sprigs of fresh or dry thyme (will give a very aromatic taste to meat rolls).

boil at low heat with lid for about 2 hours. the final test is, of course, taking a forcemeat roll and see if it’s ready.

when ready, turn off heat and leave them for a few minutes before you serve.

they are delicious with sour cream or yogurt and hot pepper.

a traditional rustic recipe and very tasty.