Fragrant chicken with mint and lemon

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the following chicken recipe will bring a bit of taste of greek cuisine: strong flavors of lemon, fresh mint and pungent scent of rosemary.

the chicken meat will be extremely tender, juicy and flavorful. a delight for the taste buds!

- a whole chicken
- 2 lemons
- a bundle of green mint
- half a bundle of rosemary
- a few cloves of garlic
- sea salt
- apple-vinegar
- a hot pepper (optional)

wash the greens, pick the mint leaves and chop them. keep the stems of mint; we'll use them to fill the chicken.

clean and grind the garlic in a grinding bowl. add sliced hot pepper and a bit of sea salt. rub well, until it gets smooth.

add chopped mint leaves and continue to mix well.

you will get a very flavorful and spicy mint paste.

gradually add the juice of one lemon.

put a teaspoon of apple vinegar and one of olive oil. stir vigorously.

prepare the stuffing for the chicken: a lemon cut in half, the stems of mint and a few stems of rosemary.

wash the chicken thoroughly, wipe it smear it with abundant marinade.

fill the chicken with lemon, mint and rosemary. add half a cup of water in the marinade pot, stir and pour the sauce obtained in the pan, near the chicken. this way you clean the grinding bowl (it will be easier to wash) and you quickly prepare the sauce.

cover the pan with aluminum foil or baking paper and put it for one hour in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees.

remove the foil; sprinkle well the chicken with the sauce from the pan and put again the pan in the oven, until the chicken gets well browned. reduce heat to 160 degrees, so it does not burn the chicken too fast. sprinkle with sauce from time to time, until it's ready.

inviting smell and it's so tender! ... you will see how the meat gets off the bone very, very easy.

serve hot, with different side-dishes: mashed potatoes, rice, baked potatoes, fresh bread. or just with salad, if you want to be dietary.

enjoy your meal!