Fried Potatoes with Grated Cheese and Sour Cream Sauce with Garlic

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a very tasty, rustic recipe, ideal for a full meal: fried potatoes with grated cheese and sauce made out of sour cream and garlic. very tasty, but totally anti-dietetic.. therefore, don't abuse it.

this is an ideal garnish for a pork chop, but you can also have it as a main course with a cabbage salad. don't miss it.

- several potatoes
- cheese
- 2 small cups of sour cream
- 2 garlic cloves
- salt, pepper

clean and cut the potatoes. fry them in oil then drain them well and put them on a platter.

while they're warm, grate the cheese over them.

separately, prepare the sauce made of sour cream mixed with minced garlic, salt and pepper powder.

pour the sauce over the potatoes.

enjoy the fried potatoes with grated cheese and sour cream sauce with garlic!