Fritatta recipe

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fritatta is a very delicious italian omelette that can be done with everything, anybody can make his own fritatta.
italians cook with passion and use their imagination a lot. therefore, italian food is always surprising.
fritatta can be made as pizza (and this is exactly the way we will do it today), obviously without the crust.
fritatta can be served at any meal: either it's a bohemian breakfast (almost lunchtime, in a saturday), lunch or dinner with a salad (a healty way of keeping a diet).

-eggs (i used 3 for 2 people)
-some green olives stuffed with peppers
-3 to 4 thin slices of mozzarella
-dried oregano
-pepper and a pinch of salt
-green salad and 2 tomatoes (optional, for garnish and decoration)

beat eggs with oregano, pepper and little salt (the olives are already salty so be careful).

chop olives and add them too.

leave the mixture for a few minutes before preheat oil. oregano and olive flavors will blend perfectly with the entire composition.

preheat little olive oil (just grease pan).
add fritatta composition.
reduce heat to medium and leave fritatta fry with the cap on.
check it after 2-3 minutes. when it is already "high" and has a crust, add mozzarella.

cover it and leave it for a minute until mozzarella melts.

cut tomatoes in slices, mix them with a little olive oil and oregano (for a mediterranean taste).

remove fritatta after cooling a little (so it does not break).
serve it on top of the iceberg lettuce leaves, decorated with tomato slices.

slice it like pizza and serve.

and now the demonstration that it can serve in place of pizza (if you're on a diet)