Grape, green apple and wheat smoothie

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if it's summer it means we have at hand a lot of fresh, fragrant and juicy fruits. so, how about a mini-detoxification? during summer and fall we have the most options to make 100% natural juices or cocktails, so make the most of it!

for today, i propose an excellent breakfast, aromatic, full of vitamins and minerals, cooling and moisturizing, exactly what the body needs after wakening up.

for added natural antioxidants, i have displayed some star fruits (grapes, apples and lemon) and i joined their properties with the one's of fresh green wheat.
the result: you will feel better, more lively and lighter all day (without coffee).

-1 handful of green wheat
-1 banana
-a few grapes (white and black)
-1 small apple
-juice of half a lemon
-optional: a tablespoon of pollen (only for those not allergic)
-still water

put all the ingredients in blender.

mix for approximately 30 seconds.

serve immediately.

note that it separates rather quickly, so you have to mix it when you serve.