Gratinated rigatoni with chicken and white lemon sauce (Rigatoni al forno)

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rigatoni is italian pasta similar to penne but larger. unlike penne, is square-cut, not diagonal. the smooth sour cream sauce, butter and lemon gives a fresh and elegant note to the oven made pasta. the combination of chicken with white sauce is simple, but refined, so is a recipe suitable for all those who want an easy but special menu.
-boneless peeled chicken breast
-a lemon
-a tablespoon of butter
-a tablespoon of olive oil
-100 ml dry white wine
-1 - 2 cloves garlic (optional)
-100 ml sour cream (preferably liquid)
-cheese (i used asiago italian specialties)
-fresh basil
-salt, pepper, dried oregano

cook pasta "al dente". drain them and rinse them with cold water.
prepare white lemon sauce. preheat oil, melt butter. add smashed garlic.

cut chicken into strips and add them into the pan. pour wine. let it boil on medium heat.

add lemon zest (one teaspoon) and the juice of a lemon.

continue cooking until the chicken becomes blank on all sides. add sour cream.

add rigatoni "al dente, stir and continue cooking for about another two minutes. add dried oregano

turn off heat and add several tablespoons of grated cheese.

stir until cheese is melted.
place pasta in heat-resistant ceramic pots, sprinkle plenty of asiago cheese and place into oven. cook ”au gratin” at 200 degrees celsius for about 10 minutes.

remove ceramic pot from oven and let cool a few minutes before serving (it’s extremely hot).

decorate with fresh basil leaves and serve.