Green asparagus "al limone" with tomato stracciatella

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the asparagus is the king of spring vegetables, that's why it deserves to be correctly prepared to maintain the nutritional properties and principles.
the green asparagus with purple heads is delicious, with a stronger taste and is perfectly suited for casual seasoning, but fragrant.
wash the green asparagus and break 1-2 cm of stems (the fiber part), then stew with a teaspoon of butter mixed with olive oil on medium to high heat.

sprinkle salt (preferably sea salt, it's healthier) and shake the pan or stir with a paddle.

after a few minutes, the asparagus becomes phosphorescent green. check with a fork if it's done (it should remain slightly crunchy "al dente").

sprinkle with fresh lemon juice, stir and turn off the heat. let the asparagus another minute in the pan to take the lemon flavor. sprinkle pepper to taste.

it can be served both hot and cold with a delicate tomato stracciatella salad (the tomato cubes give a nice appearance are very tasty).
asparagus is served plain or with steak, rice, salads.
enjoy your meal!