Green asparagus with butter sauce, garlic and lemon

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One of the most delicious asparagus recipes is the one with butter sauce. Asparagus is a royal vegetable, with special properties, so it deserves a 'royal' preparation (don't cook it very much, just to be "al dente").

The sauce is fast and simple but a perfect compliment for the green asparagus. You know what they say: 'less is more '... It's the same with the asparagus; do not overwhelmed with high temperature or complicated combinations. Choose simplicity whenever quality helps ... And about asparagus, you are already advantaged. You will work with a special vegetable that needs very little just to get to perfection.

Break the green asparagus and remove the fibrous part (if already cut, cut one more cm at the end, to see the sap from the stem). Then rinse and boil in water with little salt. Boil up to 5 minutes at high heat.

Then drain and rinse with very cold water. This will help keep the green color.

Heat 2 tablespoons of butter (you can mix olive oil and butter). Add the ground garlic to taste.

Put the cooked asparagus, simmer it in the butter and oil mixture, for 1-2 minutes. Squeeze a lemon over it.

Mix and it's ready.

Serve with fried, boiled eggs or whatever you want.

Or serve as a garnish on steaks.