Grilled beef in Dijon mustard with nuts crust

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grilled beef steak can be "ennobled" very easy with a mustard crust (preferably, the dijon one). the french love dijon mustard and beef, so they created many varieties of mustard to accompany these delicious steaks.
dijon mustard with nut has a smooth and elegant flavor that lends itself very well in combination with barbecue beef, medium done.

-beef (as desired)
-dijon mustard with nuts (if you do not have, mix ground nuts with a little mustard, and mix well, until the flavors mingle)

place the meat on grill (the thick full piece). season with ground black pepper.

when it's well browned on one side, roll the piece of meat. don't press or puncture while hot.

toward the end, sprinkle salt. you can check if it's medium done by pressing with your finger. the meat should be soft but slightly resistant. if you are not sure that you have enough experience to use this test, then make an incision in the muscle and see what it looks like inside.

brush the steaks with more mustard to form a crust.

let it stand for another 2 minutes on hot grill (but stop the fire, if the meat is done). the dijon mustard with nuts will form a tasty crust.
put the meat on a pre-heated plate and leave it for 5 minutes without touching it. then cut into thick slices perpendicular to the fiber.

transfer the slices on individual plates (also heated) and decorate with crispy onion flakes for added flavor and a nice contrast.

note that beef remains pink in the middle, showing that is medium made. you can serve with spinach salad with walnuts and lemon dressing and mustard.
enjoy your meal!