Grilled veal fillet with lemon

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veal fillet is always a delicacy if prepared correctly. when you roast the veal fillet, it is ideal to grill it medium so it remains soft and juicy. although the veal roast is a gourmet delight, you can enjoy it without fear of gaining weight as it is very dietary, especially if combined only with salads.
today we will prepare a grilled veal fillet with lemon and pink himalayan salt, which gives the roast a touch of elegance.

easily spice up the veal muscle (after having washed and wiped well the pieces) with pepper and sweet paprika. leave them at room temperature about an hour after you take them from the refrigerator (the meat should not be cold before grilling, in order not to get hard).
preheat the grill and place the meat.

allow 3-4 minutes for the meat to get brown on one side and then turn it.

reduce heat to medium and continue grilling without touching the meat. squeeze a little lemon juice over the already browned side.

lemon juice will give a nice flavor and maintain the veal soft.

to get a medium cooking, it is recommended to press the meat with your finger and see if it is soft-elastic.

after another 3 minutes, turn the meat that should be done.

place the steak on a plate next to the salad. sprinkle some freshly ground pink (or normal) salt.

a special salt will give a special flavor and a more luxurious look, that's why it's advisable to use it, if you have.
place a quarter of a lemon over the grilled veal and serve it.

the lemon will be squeezed over the meat just before serving, the juice will bring a sublime fragrance and will also help dissolve the salt crystals to get a delicious sauce.

and now the pink section, perfect for a medium baking:

enjoy your meal!