Hungarian potatoes

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a simple recipe, rustic, colorful and strong paprika flavor. so you’ll surely know that this is a hungarian recipe. if you want to bring a touch of color on your plate, then you can choose this hungarian recipe. it is ideal as a vegetarian preparation, for fast days, or as garnish for a steak.
the recipe can be spicy or sweet, depending on the type of paprika used.
-one red onion (or two, if you have more potatoes)
-salt, pepper
-sweet or spicy paprika

peel potatoes and cut them into simiar slices.
chop onion and fry it in a little oil (not until brown) and then add potatoes.

sprinkle salt, a lot of sweet paprika and a little hot paprika (as you prefer). stir and cover.

allow to simmer on low heat, cover with lid. mix occasionally.

if you have a very good pan it's easier to cook potatoes first (to remain a little hard) and fry them into pan with onions and paprika (because in a simple pan you risk to burn and stick the potatoes if you leave on low heat, unsupervised).
when potatoes are well done but still firm (check how cooked are the potatoes using a fork), remove pan from heat.
serve immediately.

simple but delicious!