Lamb burgers - Greek style

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the greek lamb burgers are very delicious and have a nice aroma. with mint aroma, coriander and fetta cheese, the greek lamb burgers delight your senses. they are very easy to prepare and are a delicious and unexpected alternative to the classic beef burgers.

- one pack of minced lamb meat (about 600 grams)
- one fresh mint
- one green onion
- 2 spoons of spices mix: black pepper, sweet pepper powder, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg
- one small piece of fetta cheese (50 grams)

mix all the ingredients. at the end spread the grated fetta cheese on top and mix well the content.

form the round burgers and fry them on the heated grill.

turn them quickly over so that they don't get burnt and keep them on the grill until they're ruddy and well done.

serve warm with various garnishes and salads.