Lamb in flavored crust

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this recipe for lamb in herbs and parmesan crust is unique and delicious.
lamb roasted on grill until gets an amazing color and a delicate scent. the lamb is amazingly touched by a veil of dijon mustard and then dressed in the cloak of breadcrumbs, herbs and parmesan. the result is top class: the flavoured and juicy meat contrasts with the crispy on the outside. a "crispy" and delicious taste, an explosion of flavors with every bite, a new experience that is worth trying (especially because easter usually lasts three days and you may want to diversify the classic recipes).
-2 slices of boneless lamb leg
-a hardened piece of bread (or 5 tablespoons of bread crumbs)
-parsley, dill, fresh mint, thyme, coriander (or whatever herbs you like)
-a tablespoon dijon mustard
-salt, pepper, paprika
-2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

mix dry bread with herbs in food processor until you obtain green flavored bread crumbs.

season meat with salt, pepper and paprika and place meat on hot grill.

let heat to medium and turn meat several times until the is well browned. do not squeeze the meat during grilling because it will lose juice.

mix flavored bread crumbs with grated parmesan cheese.

please spread mustard on each steak when is still hot, then cover it with a thick flavored bread crumbs crust.

place roasts into oven at 180 degrees, for about 5 minutes, until crust golden brown.

serve hot with spicy potatoes.

you can sprinkle some chopped green onions over the steak, for decoration and a suggestive contrast.

and now, for you, a piece of this delicious lamb in flavored crust:

enjoy and "happy easter”!