Lebanese chicken - chicken thighs with zaatar and Lebanese sauce

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lebanese food is very healthy, extremely aromatic and balanced. the fast-food variants with french-fries and added mayonnaise - shawarma type - should not be mistaken for the authentic lebanese cuisine. obviously, they bring some oriental spices, but they are to blame due to the combination full of unhealthy fats and glucose (potatoes, bread, ketchup)

the arabic cuisine is an experience which is worth trying, a culinary adventure in a land full of mysterious spices, with strong aromas, inviting, some even aphrodisiac.

the lebanese chicken is a real alchemy of aromas, and the cooking style is very easy (good quality ingredients doing basically the job). the base condiment is called "za'atar", a combination of dry savory, sesame and sumac (smelly vinegar). all this will create the base for an oriental perfume.. mystic. we invite you to experience this absolutely special recipe.

- chicken thighs
- lebanese spice "za'atar": savory, sesame, sumac
- one can of mashed tomatoes
- 2 cloves of garlic
- cinnamon
- fresh mint leaves
- hot red pepper
- sesame seeds
- lemon juice
- olive oil

spice very well the chicken thighs with za'atar fry them in a pan in which you had heated 2 spoons of olive oil.

parch them on each side.

add a cup of boiled water and let everything boil on a medium strength fire, covered by the lid.

after the chicken thighs are done and the sauce has reduced, add the mashed tomatoes and let everything boil for several minutes.

spread a little minced cinnamon, salt, pepper and hot pepper.

mince several fresh mint leaves. mince the garlic and add it in the sauce.

add min, a little lemon juice and stop the fire.

in the end, spread the sesame seeds.

serve hot, with a salad (red cabbage is a very good option). obviously with lebanese bread.