Little baskets of chicken with mushrooms and parmesan

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the little baskets of chicken filled elegantly with permsan and mushrooms will be the pleasant surprise of every festive meal. you don't have to be afraid to try to cook them, the basket technique is so easy, you'll be amazed! this is a recipe which will surely impress you, and you can rest assured that the taste is very delicious.

- 2 fillets of chicken breast
- parmesan
- champignon mushrooms
- salt, pepper
- dry hot pepper (if you like the meal to be spicier)
- dry oregano
- fresh basil

pound gently the chicken fillets, without tearing the meat. sprinkle the condiments and the parmesan.

then add 3-4 mushrooms in the middle of the fillet and sprinkle again parmesan over them.

take the edges of the fillet and get them closer together. fix them with toothpicks.

spice 2 spoons of olive oil with hot pepper and garlic (the olive oil spicing is done by adding the condiment when the oil reaches the boiling temperature; then it's kept for another 3 minutes and then it's taken out before it gets burnt). add the chicken baskets in the pan with olive oil and put the lid on. set the fire at medium power and continue the frying for another 10 minutes, until the meat becomes white.

in the meantime, prepare a thermo-resistant bowl for each basket (if you want to serve them straight out of the oven). anoint the bowls with a little olive oil, add a little tomatoes juice, fresh basil, dry oregano, pepper, hot pepper (optional) and garlic. arrange the mushrooms on the edges, and the basket in the middle.

thoroughly sprinkle the parmesan over the basket and the entire serving bowl.

bake at 180-200 degrees until the parmesan in melted, about 15 minutes, maximum.

it's served warm, with green salad.

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spicy, interesting and very tasty.