Pasta with spicy sauce, prosciuto crudo and mozzarella

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pasta can be an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, as it's relatively easy to cook. this recipe uses as ingredients prosciutto crudo and mozzarella, a divine marriage, "vero italiano", emphasized by the fresh basil and the "arrabbiata" sauce.

- one cup of multi-colored fusilli (but you can use any type of pasta)
- one cup of thick tomatoes juice
- dried hot peppers and dehydrated garlic slices
- 3 slices of prosciutto crudo
- 150g of mozzarella
- fresh basil
- olive oil, salt, pepper

boil the pasta in water with salt and a spoon of oil. the pasta must remain a bit hard, "al dente", therefore, reduce the boiling time indicated on the box by 2 minutes.

in the meantime, cut the prosciutto crudo in thin slices and the mozzarella in cubes.

drain the pasta and rinse them with cold water.

heat two spoons of olive oil, pour the tomatoes juice and boil them on a low intensity fire. add the mix of hot peppers and dehydrated garlic, the salt and the pepper.

after it had boiled for about 5 minutes, add the drained pasta.

boil them in the sauce for about two minutes then turn off the fire and add the prosciutto crudo and the mozzarella.

they are served hot, with fresh basil, minced.