Peppers with Mediterranean sauce

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this is a colorful, fragrant and light summer dish. it is a spicy version of the famous macedonian recipe of fried peppers.

peppers with mediterranean sauce are delicious as a main vegetarian course, but also as a garnish for a grilled steak.

first, boil the tomato juice (ideally is to be very thick) with a little pepper, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and fresh chopped basil. add a crushed clove of garlic.

then cut the peppers into cubes and fry them in olive oil. sprinkle sea salt over them meanwhile.

finally, put all the peppers in the sauce. let it boil for 2-3 minutes on low heat.

garnish with olives and green basil.

serve with rustic bread (the ideal one is whole bread with olives). sprinkle with a little extra virgin olive oil just before serving time, for added mediterranean flavor.