Pie with cheese, raisins and nectarines

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summer is the nectarines' season, so i invite you to a unique pie: pie with cheese, nectarines and raisins.

the combination of juicy and scented fruits with sweet cheese will create a sensational dessert. it is perfect both warm, and cold, from the refrigerator.

-1 pie sheets package
-800 gr sweet cheese
-5 nectarines
-5-6 eggs
-200 gr raisins
-orange zest
-150 gr fructose (or sugar)
-jam or apple jelly (5 tablespoons, optional)
-favorite fragrances: vanilla, rum, lemon

scramble the eggs.

add cheese and fructose and mix well the composition.

add lemon or orange zest.

add the essences. mix well.

add the 5 tablespoons apple jelly (optional).

finally, put the raisins.

chop the nectarines and add them on.

finally, finish the pie. grease a pan with oil. place 5-6 sheets of pie as base. then pour a layer of cream.

continue like this, put a few sheets, then a layer of cream, until you finish the composition. finally, put 3-4 sheets of pie. brush them with very little oil.

bake at 180 degrees until browned, about 40 minutes.

very flavorful!