Pizza with salmon fume, capers and cauliflower bed

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if you adore pizza, but you are on a diet and cannot eat (although you want a lot), then you can try this version of pizza, on cauliflower bed. this recipe is a very good "copy" of a great classic pizza and if you like cauliflower, i think you will appreciate even more.
various renowned dieticians (montignac, scarsdale, arthur agaston and the list can go on) showed that it is possible to lose weight even without counting the calories, with tasty and delicious menus, just making smart choices and combinations.
this recipe fits perfectly the principles of montignac method (combining fat only with low glycemic index food such as vegetables) and is very easy to do.

ingredients (for 2 pizzas big as an oven tray):
-1.4 kg cauliflower
-4 small eggs (or 3 bigger eggs)
-1 tablespoon of butter (optional)
-100 gr dry cheese
-tomato sauce
-fresh basil and oregano
-mozzarella or cheese
-sliced smoked salmon (or any meat you want, as long as you do not have sugar in the composition)
-sliced pepper

clean the cauliflower, fold it in bouquets and wash well.

boil the cauliflower in boiling water with salt. it shouldn't be too boiled, just as much to pas the fork test. i boiled it for about 5 minutes.

drain the cauliflower well and then put it in the robot, add the eggs, butter and cheese.

spread the puree in the tray covered with baking paper. bake at 180 degrees until it's well browned.

meanwhile, make the sauce: boil some mashed tomatoes (canned, if you don't have fresh) until the sauce boils down. add oregano and chopped basil.

spread the sauce over the cauliflower bed in a thin layer.

put the other ingredients.

allow 2 to 3 cm from the edge free, with no spice or sauce.

insert the tray in the oven until mozzarella is melted (about 3-5 minutes). and that's it!

slice and serve.

finally, decorate the pizza with fresh oregano leaves (if applicable).

and for those serving and lustful curios:

eat without remorse, but in moderation (it's not so fat as traditional pizza, but do not exaggerate though :)).
enjoy your meal!