Raspberry lemonade

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raspberry lemonade is very fragrant and refreshing. it is ideal both in summer and winter.
bright red color makes it attractive and proper for the winter holidays, so it can be a solution beverage for the festive meals for people who don't drink alcohol or for children (i do not want to anti-advertise any product, but i think it would be better to replace the commercial juices, full of preservatives and dyes, with natural drinks, healthy and delicious).
also, you can enjoy this unique lemonade in the lent days, when you feel the need of something refreshing.

raspberry lemonade is made simple and fast. squeeze a lemon, add half a liter of bottled water and the juice (obtained by pressing in a strainer) of 200 grams of raspberries. stir. if you want it sweeter, put a little brown sugar or honey.

happy holidays!