Rice with spinach

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spring is the season of spinach, so take advantage of this very healthy and tasty vegetable. rice with spinach is nourishing, dietetic and full of vitamins and color.
take a piece of health daily by eating more vegetables and fruits!
let’s eat and live as "green"as possible!

-700 grams of raw spinach
-150 - 200 g rice (preferably long grain rice)
-3 tablespoons oil
-one spring onion
-a clove of garlic
-salt, pepper
-100 ml mashed tomatoes
wash spinach and drain it (wash spinach in several waters, until it is perfectly clean). wash rice too.
chopp spring onion and cook it until becomes glossy. if you want add chopped or ground garlic.

add rice, stir well and then pour 200 ml hot water (water should cover the rice).

allow rice to boil at moderate heat. add salt and pepper.
when rice is almost cooked, add spinach.

put lid on and allow spinach to quell (its volume will decrease considerably).

add mashed tomatoes and, if more is needed, some water.

let simmer for 3 minutes until sauce reduced.

put lid on and allow rice to "swell." rice will not stick, if you choose basmati rice, long grain.
it has a very good taste, slightly sour.

serve hot. ideal for fast days or as garnish for steak.