Risotto with romanesco

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risotto is one of the most delicious ways to serve rice. the italians have created this dish, so creamy and delicious, that's hard to not like. however, what do you do when you crave a risotto in the days of fasting? the present recipe is meant to reconcile both gourmet desires, and the vegetarian preferences, being "light" variant of the classic risotto (made with cream, wine and cheese), but tastes just as good.
and because i decided to make a healthier version of risotto, then i chose the basic ingredients (rice and vegetables) to be steamed to get as many nutrients.
therefore, with apologies for the fantastic original recipe (which i highly recommend, but not during the fasting or dietary days, because it's pretty full of calories), i made a vegetarian risotto with basmati rice and romanesco.
cauliflower or broccoli lovers will be delighted by this romanesco, which has a much smoother flavor than broccoli and is very, very nice in appearance.

-1 large cup basmati rice (steamed)
-1 cup of bouquets of romanesco (steamed)
-1 tablespoon of bio margarine (no fats)
-50 ml soy cream
-pepper (optional)
-crushed garlic (optional)
-some pepper flakes (optional)
-chopped green onions (optional)

because rice and romanesco are already cooked, the recipe will be ready in minutes. it's great for a fasting dinner, when we don't have too much time to cook.
melt 1-2 tablespoons of margarine over low heat (less if you want a dietary recipe).

add the cooked rice and vegetables. you can add a little white wine.

stir a few times to incorporate the margarine and wine.

add soy cream.

grind a clove of garlic (optional) and add it. also, sprinkle salt, pepper and hot pepper to taste.

let it boil a little, until the sauce reduces and stop the fire.

sprinkle chopped ciboulette (fine green onion), or other greenery.

serve warm in bowls or deep plates.

it is very creamy and the romanesco is suitable for this combination perfectly. even if it's not the original recipe, the taste is great, so you can indulge with this vegetarian risotto on any day of fasting.
enjoy your meal!