Rustic cauliflower puree

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if you are tired of the classical potatoes puree and you want diversify your garnish, you can try a rustic cauliflower puree.
i said rustic, because it will have a thicker consistency. because it is not mixed in the blender, there will remain small pieces of cauliflower, which will give a very interesting texture. we will add half a box of cream cheese and a little fine quality butter for a delicious and creamy puree.

first wash the cauliflower and open it into pieces. boil it in plenty of water with salt until it gets very soft.
then drain it well. while still hot, mix it with the butter and cream cheese. while stirring, well boiled cauliflower bouquets will open in small fragments, giving a rustic textured puree. sprinkle pepper (and optional, garlic) to taste.

enjoy your meal!