Salmon in mustard beans crust with yoghurt sauce, dill and cucumber

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if you want a great figure, and a glowing skin, then you should be friends with the salmon and the fresh salads. rich in omega 3, salmon is a fat fish, but very healthy. consumed often, it brings many benefits for your health and helps to maintain or to regain your ideal weight.
the mustard is a wonderful spice, pepper-flavored. it gives the salmon a wonderful fragrance, but also helps the metabolism, and is very useful in a diet.
used in moderation, mustard is a good stimulant (obviously, if you don't suffer from various diseases, in which case they are not recommended) that refreshes in a pleasant way.
the baked salmon in mustard beans, oregano and black pepper crust is so delicious that you will not realize that you are on a diet.
cover with a yoghurt sauce, dill and cucumber cubes to cool a little. it is a very simple recipe, but special in terms of visual effect and taste, so i advise you to serve salmon with mustard seeds with a delicate salad of young spinach and fresh cherry tomatoes.

brush the salmon fillets and place them in a pan. add water and a little dry white wine. sprinkle each fillet with lemon juice. then sprinkle with salt, pepper, oregano, mustard seeds.

cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake at 180 degrees, for 20 minutes. then remove the foil and let it bake for 10 more minutes. when it is done, remove the pan from oven and allow the fish to cool a little.
place spinach and cherry tomatoes salad on each plate, one slice of warm salmon and pour 2 tablespoons of sauce over salmon.

the sauce is simple to prepare: mix yogurt with chopped dill, diced cucumber, lemon juice and a teaspoon of mustard.
garnish with cherry tomatoes.
now a section to see how the salmon looks, meaning it's well done:

bon appetit!