Salmon with lime

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salmon fillet with lime is a "fancy" flavored and spicy recipe that can convince even those who don’t eat fish frequently. it's a perfect recipe for dinner, when is better to have an easy meal, and it also satisfies your the culinary pleasures. and very quick! (nobody wants spend his evening in the kitchen )

salmon is a high protein fish packed full of those healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are excellent for preventing and improving cardiovascular diseases, obesity, nervous system diseases.
nutritionists consider salmon (and all other high protein fish: trout, mackerel, herring etc.) is a necessary food in your diet (the recommend of eating fish as often as you can is already known).

diet food should not be "tasteless" and in small portions. the diet requires a balanced and controlled way of eating.
what i propose is to make the diet even "attractive." if you want to indulge, eat exotic dishes, tasty, then this is what you have to do, but in a dietetic way. only you will know that, others will be surprised of the imaginative color combinations and will not see that there are no potatoes as garnish , but lettuce. salad is suitable, the taste is fresh and the lime juice helps to put out the "fire"of this "hot” dish.

-a salmon fillet
-a large lemon
- fresh thyme (dry thyme si good too)
-dried hot peppers
-2 garlic cloves

wash salmon fillets and place in a bowl. scrape lemon over it, sprinkle salt, squeeze half a lemon over it, sprinkle the thyme and oregano. finally: add a final “touch” of black pepper.

let fish marinate in this mixture at least 15 minutes.
then add a tablespoon of oil (no need for more because the fish is already fat) in a teflon pan and fry the fish.

cover with lid and leave it on heat (medium to high) for several minutes, then turn on the other side.

keep salmon 3-4 minutes and then turn it over again.
now the fish is with the first part up and we will make a crust. first sprinkle the fish with a little lime juice ( it will be soft and will have lime flavour). add ground garlic and scrape a little more lemon over it.

after another 1-2 minutes cover salmon with lime slices and remove from heat.
(do not exceed a total of 10 minutes of thermal cooking. otherwise the salmon will lose flavor and become dry). cover with lid and let the fish covered by lime steam for a minute.
this way it will not break when you remove it from the pan (because it's cooled) and will rehidrate.

serve warm with green salad. it is very inviting and doesn’t seem light , but it is!