Special Italian Salad "Insalata dell'amore"

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if you want to say "i love you", but the words just seem too few or not enough, then it's time to show it. maybe you did not know, but a dinner can be more romantic than a love statement!

and if you want to be absolutely seductive then challenge your boyfriend / girlfriend with a perfect experience, surprising him / her with a magical combination of italian ingredients, sprinkled with a spicy-sweet sauce, tender and strong at the same time, just like your feelings. bring some passion and imagination and you will get more than you think from a simple salad :)

-rocket leaves
-ripe figs
-raw ham
-baked mushrooms
-fresh italian basil leaves
-sauce: extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (the modena vinegar is ideal), scented honey (i put orange blossom), lemon juice, salt

slice the baked mushrooms. mix them with the salad.

make the sauce: mix one tablespoon of olive oil with 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, one teaspoon of honey, juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt.

homogenize well.

pour over the salad.

stir and allow five minutes to take the flavors of the sauce. put a few whole basil leaves.

then cut the figs in thick slices and place them over the salad.

sprinkle the figs with a little sauce.

add the raw ham and the mozzarella cubes.

it's ready for serving. one last splash with sauce and it's ready!

the secret of this combination is to have quality ingredients. the fresh basil fragrance, the sweet sauce, the raw ham depth, the freshness of the famous mozzarella fresca are wonderfully completed by the perfectly ripe figs, fragrant and juicy. rocket and radicchio are chosen specifically to mitigate the sweetness.