Special cake with apricot

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apricot cake is the star of summer, so i think we should say 'goodbye' to sunny summer with a fragrant and delicious recipe. apricot cake is well-known, but i added a generous fragrant strawberry jam glaze and almond flakes to make it more special.

it's so fluffy and loose! ideal for summer days or early fall, when you still find fresh and scented apricots. apricot-strawberry combination is "made in heaven", try and you will be convinced.

and i have a little secret, but i won't say it now, but along the way. i added an oriental spice for added color and perfume ... prepare for a special recipe, but simple, with guaranteed success.

-6 eggs
-10-15 fresh ripe apricots
-250 gr flour
-250 gr sugar
-1 cup of coffee oil (approx. 200 ml)
-1 pack of baking powder
-essence: vanilla, rum
-2 tbsp lemon zest
-optional: a pinch of saffron (surprise ingredient)
-1 jar of strawberry jam
-almond flakes

separate the yolks from the whites first.

beat the whites with sugar as for meringue.

then add egg yolks, one by one.

then add the oil, pouring slowly, while mixing at high speed.

add flour mixed with baking powder. stir with a spoon.

then add the saffron.

the essences, lemon peel:

grease a pan and wallpaper with flour. pour the composition into tray.

place the apricot halves, with the inside down.

bake at 180 degrees until it is browned. check if it's ready with the toothpick test.

smear with jam in the end.

sprinkle the almond flakes and let another 5 minutes in the hot oven, for the almonds to get brown.

allow to cool to room temperature and then cut it.

it is super soft, airy and light.

i offer you this portion: