Spicy kiwi salsa

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the spicy kiwi salsa is one of the boldest combinations for kiwi and it's a specific exotic dish. the taste is spicy-cooling at the same time and it's a perfect way of surprising your guests whenever you plan a bbq party.

the exotic kiwi salsa will give color to any steak and it's spicy, exciting taste will make sensations. kiwi is a delicious fruit when it's well riped (but not too soft); it's sweet-sour, refreshing, with seeds that give the sauce a pleasant, slightly "crunchy" note. the thai hot pepper complete the mix, the small slices being so fiery that the steaks will be more "on fire" in the plate than on the grill.

- one riped cold kiwi
- sliced hot pepper (as much as you think you can take)
- two spoons of soy sauce (best to have the light one)
- one spoon of olive oil
- one lemon juice

peel the kiwi and cut it into cubes. cut one hot pepper into very thin slices (if it's very hot it's better not to use the seeds because it will be too hot and on top they're not too pleasant to taste). mix everything with the soy sauce, olive oil and the lemon juice. you don't need to add salt because the soy sauce is probably already salty.

serve immediately.